Sunday, 11 September 2011

what is good, dinosaurs.

the album artwork and music video for 16 bits now ep/single, dinosaurs.
I came across this the other day by accident and it just completely blew my mind, the album artwork for the new EP by 16 bit. I liked the design so much i had to buy the EP.

Such a nice, different album cover which really stands out. The classic old Chinese style illustrations contrasted with the modern graffiti typeface works really well. Each section is so intricately designed, some  really nice illustration.
Even the music video is brilliant;

So a clever and unique video, works really well with the music. Brilliantly put together each time you watch it it still messes with your head, the illustration style used as well is great, simple with lots of little details, kind of reminds me of a david firth animation.

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