Thursday, 15 September 2011

Minimalist Pixar Posters.

Minimalist Pixar Posters by Chris Anderson,
Taking an instantly recognisable element of a pixar film and using it as the base of a poster usually not even really a significant part of the film such as the door for monsters inc and the goggles for finding nemo but somehow you can instantly relate to the poster and realise what it is communicating. Also i feel by using alternative artwork to throw you off the pixar theme even more, creating a simplified 'minimalist version of each element when compare to the detailed 3d pixar versions works really well in grabbing you attention and making you think for a second to try and work out what it actually is.
Each poster uses very limited colour, some just a stock, image colour and the white text which is really effective and the font, really small in the corner and difficult to see in some poster almost as if it doesnt even need to be their within the image to communicate the message.

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