Thursday, 15 September 2011

more clever minimalist advertising

Some more clever minimalist advertising, It’s not difficult to love minimalist ads, but to create one requires a brilliant idea. Most successful minimalist ads depend a lot on iconic brands, items, places and people.

A twist of lemon peel is set against a plain, pale background, with the fruit skin forming the distinctive shape of Coca-Cola’s classic letterform. So simple but yet genius dont think i could ever think of something like this..
Using the C that even with out the rest of the title you can instantly recognise as the typeface for cocacola.

This wonderful minimalist design reflects the power of Lego’s famous building blocks to fire the imagination, with an incredibly simple arrangement of cubes creating a submarine’s periscope emerging from the deep blue sea.

This ad for McDonald’s McCafe coffeehouse subsidiary features a coffee bean in the shape of a burger.

Clever minimalist add by hut weber showing what different a hat can make.

mcdonalds wifi

more lego image adds, probably my favourite out of these set of adds, showing how simple and powerful a childs imagination can be, they are kind of heartwarming, reminding you of your childhood and how 3 bricks can be a ship or a couple of bricks make a dinosaur, so clever and simple.

Children of Offenders: Help us break the cycle

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